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Happy Halloween!

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Hello everyone! I can't believe October is just about over! 

Things have been really hopping over here at Chez Bee.  I finished my course, and then started another. Workflow has been steady, and I joined a gym! 

So now it's Halloween, and my biggest challenge today is not to eat all the candy before the kiddos show up tonight in all their Halloween finery. 

If you know me at all, you know that Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! 🎃👻🕷


Young Bee as Princess Leia

Costumes are fun! My mom made my costumes when I was a kid, and there were some great ones! I still love getting into a costume for Halloween if I have an event to go to. At the very least, I don a witch's hat and cloak and pet my talking raven when I answer the door to trick-or-treaters, and this year I'm wearing fuzzy, sparkly ghost socks. I really enjoy seeing the creativity and imagination of kids who dress up. They're just so cute!

I may be about to express an unpopular opinion here, but I don't mind older kids trick-or-treating. They grow up so fast and this world can be so hard; if they want to hold on to this one piece of their childhood for another year or two, I have no beef with that, and there is plenty of candy to go around.

And I guess my second potentially unpopular opinion is that I love candy corn!

And then there are all the decorations! I love seeing what people do to their yards, porches, and doors during the Halloween season. Some people give a nod with fake cobwebs and spiders or a skeleton hanging around. Many carve jack o'lanterns. And then some go all out, turning their entire property into a haunted attraction! I've been seeing some posts on Nextdoor about local "haunted" houses, and I make sure I drive around to see them.

Fred and I often do our porch up with a whole Halloween tableau, but with my schedule and the weather this year, we're only going to have a few lights up and a small pumpkin-and-ravens display if I can get it together by the time trick-or-treat starts.

I loved this pumpkin costume!

Also, there's something about autumn air that invigorates me. It is crisp and cool, and there's a crunch of leaves underfoot, amplified by dozens of little feet as they make their way around the neighborhood. Though this year it looks like we're going to get rain. You win some, you lose some!

I'm a huge fan of monster movies, too, and this time of year, they're readily available. I primarily love the classics, like Lon Chaney's The Wolf Man, or Bela Lugosi's time-honored Dracula. The House on Haunted Hill is creepy (Vincent Price was amazing!) as is The Fog, and of course, who doesn't like a good Swamp Thing film on a Saturday afternoon? And I make sure to watch Something Wicked This Way Comes at least once a year! I've been in my element because one of the local movie channels has been airing nonstop monster movies all week!

So anyway, those are some of my thoughts on Halloween and why it's a cool holiday! I think it's important to have some fun and enjoy all of the spooky delights this time of year. As you encounter trick-or-treaters, try to see things through their eyes. I bet you smile! 

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions or memories? Drop me a comment and share! 

In the meantime, I made you a Halloween playlist  for today and tonight. Enjoy!

Have fun, and be safe!

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  1. Halloween teaches us some useful life skills! We used to draw a map every year of the most efficient route to take for trick or treating (orienteering). It was so important to make the most of our time (time management) and not waste any doubling back or knocking on doors where no one was home! I love your photos of Halloweens Past!

    1. Orienteering and time management skills!! Love it! Wish I'd thought of that, LOL. Glad you liked the photos, and thanks for sharing your memories! :)


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