Friday, March 8, 2019

Fortune Cookie Friday: Compromise

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Greetings, fellow fortune seekers! I trust this Friday has you feeling great about your week. If not, at least it’s the weekend, and tomorrow is always a new day!

Today, our fortunes have a new topic than the last few fortune cookie posts, that is!

Compromise is always wrong if it means sacrificing a principle. 

Wow. This cookie is taking no prisoners.

As usual (in case you’re new here), when I post a fortune cookie, I intuitively let its message guide me to say something that I think may help us disrupt negativity around us.

One of the reasons I started this blog is because of social media and its effects on our (un)happiness. I can’t tell you how much fighting I see on social media on a regular basis. That’s what comes to mind when I see this fortune, because it got me thinking about how people communicate about their differences.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
If you read this cookie at face value, it would seem that we should be unbending, but I think Victor Hugo, author of Les Misérables, had an interesting take on the concept of compromise in his Intellectual Autobiography, Ideas on Literature, Philosophy, and Religion:

 “Change your opinions, keep to your  principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”

It basically says the same thing as today’s fortune, but in a way that gives a possible pathway for polite discourse.

Come to think of it: trees shed old leaves and grow new ones. So how can we put this concept of compromise and principles into place when we feel tempted to get into a rollicking good fight with someone on the internet?

Drop me a line with your thoughts on this topic, or let me know your interpretation of this fortune! After all, just because this is what came to my mind when I saw it, doesn’t mean it’s the only way to look at it!

Have a great week! 🐝

* * * 

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  1. Today I got this Fortune in my cookie. I believe it means that compromise is wrong when it is sacrificing the purpose of something. I believe principles means purpose right? the purpose of something. So let's say my purpose is my child. And we'll say children are supposed to be shared by two parents if they are separated. Then I'll say that to compromise with him taking full custody and not letting me see my child is not okay so I will not be compromising with his idea of keeping my child because the purpose of us having a child is to love him. So I will not compromise my rights I will do what I have to do to get my child back. Today I have got the perfect Fortune. And today I will fight for my right for my child thank you...


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