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Fortune Cookie Friday: Compel Yourself

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Greetings fellow fortune cookie lovers! I can't believe we are already solidly into December and also that we're already at another Fortune Cookie Friday! This week's fortune fell out at me from a shelf, and its appearance in my life was timely: 

Each day, compel yourself to do something you would rather not do. 
We all know what it's like to not want to do something, whether we're putting off paying the bills, or mowing the lawn, or whatever. 

But where does that get you in life? 

It gets you a late fee on your electric bill and a lawn that goes to seed, is what it does. Where's the fun in that?

In contrast, by doing things we don't really want to do, we are making sure we take care of ourselves, our surroundings, and the people around us, and living a higher quality of life, because we're not making things more difficult on ourselves. 

I mean, take an example …

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