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Positively b.e.e. is 2!

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It's an exciting time over here at positively b.e.e. Want to know why? 

That's right: it's positively b.e.e.'s 2nd birthday!

Two years ago today, I was FED UP with my social media feed, the news cycle, and people's negative attitudes about the world. Life is short, and I was just not down with living it mired in negativity any more.

So I started this blog as a way to try to disrupt those negative patterns. I wanted to give people a safe space where they could read something uplifting, learn something new, and engage with generally positive (but not 'fakey-sunshiney') content.

Many folks over the last two years have reached out in private or with a comment and told me what a post did for them, or how something I said helped them reframe a situation in their lives. That's very gratifying. I'm so glad I've been able to help …

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