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Fortune Cookie Friday: Impatience

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Hello everyone, and happy Friday! I hope you are going to take some time to relax and recenter this weekend, enjoying the moments fully—and here’s why:

Any impatience you show will only create more stress. 
I love today’s fortune, because if I’m honest, I can sometimes be a bit impatient. Were I to examine this further, I realize that I often want to get to the "good stuff," whether that’s the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a project, or wanting to start my vacation already and get to my destination. I’ve done a lot of work in recent years on slowing down, taking stock, breathing, and living more in the moment, but I tell you, it’s sometimes a struggle!

If I manage to slow down, though, I find that I can enjoy where I am fully and presently, and it’s a lot more peaceful. The alternative—impatience—leads me to more stress, because it creates within me a constant yearni…

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