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An Uplifting Back-to-School Story: Christian and Connor and a Viral Act of Kindness

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Hello everyone!  I hope you are doing well! For today’s post, I thought it would be cool to do something related to going back to school. September is when students typically resume classes here in the States, and I’ve also been “back to school” in the form of some professional training I’ve undertaken. (The irony of my timing on that was not lost on me, but I promise, I didn't plan it that way. It's also why I now need more time between posts.)

Over the last several weeks, I’ve enjoyed all the pictures my friends have posted of their kids on the first day of school or heading to college, or pictures of how they're settling in. Some of those kids I have watched grow up, as proven by their parents posting side-by-side photos of the first first-day-of-school pic next to the current one. How has time flown so fast that kids I once knew as babies are no…