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Fortune Cookie Friday: Dreams

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Hello and welcome back to Fortune Cookie Friday! 

If you're new here, welcome to you, as well! If you're wondering what Fortune Cookie Friday is, well, you can read more here, but the basic gist is that I crack open a fortune cookie, take a photo of the fortune, and use its message to kick-start an inspirational post. I also love it when readers send in photos of their fortunes, or when they give me their interpretations. So join in the fun and make sure you don't miss out by subscribing

Ok, let's get to this week's fortune!
Dreams are like the stars of your destiny.What are your dreams? 

Don't hesitate: just blurt it out! Speak truth to yourself! It can be something big or small—doesn't matter. Dreams can take any form, and every step we take towards our dreams can open up the universe to us. 

You are capable of doing whatever you put your mind to. We often get …

Announcing: Ways To Start Your Day

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Did you notice a slight change on this site?

I have created a new segment of this website called Ways To Start Your Day. Look in the menu at the top of this page, and you will see it.

I'd mentioned in my post about self-care and the news cycle that I refuse to start my day with bad news, choosing instead to immerse myself in something positive or uplifting first thing in the morning, if at all  possible. So, without further adieu...

The first item I'd like to share with you is Shine.

Shine is a unique service where you can sign up either through their app or via your mobile phone number and receive a daily message that is inspirational, actionable, and positive. 

I've been a Shine user for over a year, now, and it's a great way to start the day. Sign up here and start your day on a positive note! 

Meanwhile, every so often, I'll make a post with ways to start your …

Fortune Cookie Friday: Venture Not

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Hello, everyone! How are you doing? Are you ready for today's fortune cookie? 
Here we go: 
Venture not all in one boat.
This fortune cookie reminds me of that old adage: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." 

After all, what happens if you drop the basket? You'll break ALL your eggs, right? 

So what's going to happen if you venture "all in one boat"? Is the boat going to sink and you go down with it? 

There is value in being careful with your resources and diversifying your assets, so to speak, but I'm going to turn this fortune on its head and ask a question that, at first, may not seem related:

What is your motivation in not venturing out in all one boat or putting your eggs all in one basket? I want to question this, because I've been thinking a lot about scarcity mindset vs. abundance mindset, lately.

What do I mean by these? 

A scarcity mindse…

Self-Care and the News Cycle

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How are you doing with the current news cycle? 

I know today would typically be a Fortune Cookie Friday, but given the recent news cycle, it seems important to broach a serious topic, today. It's not that other topics over the past year aren't serious, per se, but I feel like I should try to help with what's going on right now, therefore, Fortune Cookie Friday will resume next week.

When I started this site over a year ago, I did it in response to what I was seeing as constant bombardment from all sides of negative news, constant tragedies, frequent natural disasters, political and other infighting on social media, and a distinct lack of empathy, compassion, and understanding between people of differing backgrounds, political affiliations, and cultures. 

Frankly, it made me sick. Literally.

I am an empath, which means that I feel things very deeply, connect with people on an em…