Friday, July 10, 2020

Using the Power of Your Mind: Virtual Vacations in the Time of COVID-19

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It's now July. The heat of summer is SIZZLING!! I don't know about where you live, but it's been in the high 90s here in Pittsburgh! I feel like I could fry an egg and bacon on the sidewalk and no one would bat an eyelash.

Typically I'd be down south by now, spending some time with my parents near the North Carolina beaches, enjoying a mix of high heat and humidity juxtaposed with ocean breezes and gentle evenings listening to the peepers.

But then COVID-19 happened, messing up vacation plans the world over.

I could sit here and be upset that I can't travel right now. I could feel bad for myself, even though I really have nothing to feel bad about. After all, I'm healthy and employed...I don't really have anything to complain about, except for general worry for the world, which sometimes lends to unhappiness and a feeling of helplessness.

Or, I could, you know...just not. Why put energy into something negative if I can at all help it? 

Everyone needs some time off, though, whether from work or other things. So in the absence of vacation plans, what's a girl to do? 

I've decided to find the feeling of vacation within myself instead of literally. 

Let me explain.

The ocean is where I find my peace. Unfortunately, I’m landlocked and can’t easily get to one without traveling through areas that might expose me to COVID-19. That isn't a risk I'm about to take, so instead, I'll go there in my mind. 


Well, here are some examples: 
  • I watch YouTube videos of ocean waves and beach sunrises. 🌊 
  • I create photo collages for my computer desktop that evoke the positive feelings I get from the ocean and beach. (I use Canva for this; it's a great tool with lots of free or paid options!)
  • I listen to sound files of waves breaking and seagulls calling. 
  • I sit and recall what the feeling of sand squishing between my toes is like. 
  • I imagine myself building a sand castle. 
  • I have seashells 🐚 near my desk. 
  • If I could import the smell of salt water and sand and seaweed, I would, but instead I just spritz a room spray. I found this awesome beachy-smelling essential oil to run in my diffuser, too. 
Through any or all of these activities, I can simply imagine myself there!😊

I decided to take it one step further, though, and made myself a video for a virtual ocean getaway. Enjoy this quick, virtual trip to the beach! 

(I did that using Canva, too, actually.) 

Look, I know it's not perfect, but our minds are POWERFUL things! We can imagine our way to a sense of peace again. It's no different than meditation ... it's just a different kind of meditation.

I hope this reminder that we can use our imaginations to create a sense of peace within us and take a mini virtual vacation inspires you! After all, the mind is a powerful tool!

So tell me: What do you do to put yourself in a good frame of mind? Where do you go in your imagination when you want to be at your happy  place? What concepts or memories take you there and comfort you? Share your ideas below! 👇

And if you created a photo collage or a video and you want to share, please do! 💛🐝

Have a wonderful rest of July. I'll see you next month!

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