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Hi, I'm Beth, and positively b.e.e. is my small (but hopefully effective) effort to disrupt negativity in the world by focusing on positivity, light, joy, and gratitude. The mission is simple: life is short, so find joy in it. Focus on the good stuff in order to get through the bad stuff. Have gratitude for what you have, and other things will fall into place. You can read more about this and why I was inspired to start this site in my inaugural post.

People always ask, why "b.e.e."? Well, "Bee" is a childhood nickname (and that's a loooonnnng story), and I've been spelling it with lower-case initials for longer than I can remember, so why stop? I suspect it's an old leftover from my cross-stitch days, but it's a quirk—run with it!

Anyway, this is a place for me to share anything I find to be uplifting or inspirational, whether it be random thoughts, articles, or music . You may see photos I take or things that I make with my hands. You’ll see some of my strategies for dealing with life's issues, some things that make me happy, references to spiritual healing, or book recommendations.

You will even see me share what I know how to do, in the form of tutorials I develop and patterns I write to create knit or crocheted items. This is because I truly believe that sharing a hobby or a skill with someone is just another form of negativity disruption. Hobbies enrich our lives and up our joy quotient. For me, playing with yarn is a form of meditation, so it's only fair to share that Zen with others. If you've ever wanted to know more about knitting or crochet, you may end up learning something here as time and equipment allow.

I suppose it is also fair to discuss what you will not see here, which includes: political discourse, my political affiliation, calls to political action, or encouragement to support political parties, lobbies, or causes no matter who they are or how right they may or may not be about whatever it is they represent.

I appreciate that occasionally the topics I write about may touch on larger issues for a community or a group of people, and I encourage everyone who reads my posts here to use that as a springboard to learn more, do the research, determine where you best fit into that scenario, and then create your own platform to speak about it—but you won't see those discussions here.

In short: positively b.e.e.'s messaging will ALWAYS focus on positivity, light, joy, and gratitude. There are enough places in the world having those other discussions.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy what you see here!

~ Beth (b.e.e.)

PS: If you were directed here by an old post for Policies/Disclosures, please note they have moved to the Privacy Policy & Disclosures page.

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