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There's magic in the air

Can you feel it?

That anticipation?

There's magic in the air!

By now, Santa is making his rounds, presents are happening, and kids are trying to catch him coming down the chimney by leaving out cookies and milk.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm like a little kid right now. There's just something about Christmas that makes me feel young again.

I'm with family enjoying the magic of the holidays, and for those that celebrate, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday, too!

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Self-Care During the Holidays

Remember to take care of yourself during the holiday season, or else you'll end up with "Frankenstein Coffee". Or worse, NO coffee!

You probably think I'm nuts, but read ahead. Imagine the following:

There I was, in PJs and slippers, hair askew, slowly shuffling into the kitchen while resembling the walking dead. One eye was half-open, the other one was closed, and I barely avoided knocking into things.

I managed to fill and start the kettle.

I managed to pull out the pour-over pot and the filter.

The water started boiling! Yay! Hope is nigh: soon, I will be caffeinated! I can do this! I am ready to tackle this Sunday!

*pulls out ground coffee*


I've only got a tiny bit of regular coffee left...

*roots around in cabinet*

...and also some weird vanilla stuff from Target that I didn't really like the first time I tried it.

Ok! I've got this! I'll just combine them. I'll finish up the regular stuff, and a scoop or 2 of vanilla on top will eke o…


Tomorrow is Friday. 

How many times have you said the following in your lifetime: "T.G.I.F.!" Or, "Thank God It's Friday!"

I say it.
You say it.
We ALL say it, right?

When you think about it, though, what does that phrase get across, to you?

When I think about it, this phrase goes beyond a meaningless conversational cue meant to make random interactions at the coffee pot go more smoothly. 

To me, this phrase indicates that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only serve the purpose of being days I look forward to Friday and the weekend. Monday through Thursday are days to be gotten through, not days to be enjoyed and cherished.

Additionally, have you ever spent your Sunday dreading Monday? I know I've been there at times, and I have known many people who have this unfortunate attitude. 

And then you go back to work on Monday and ask someone how they are, and they say "Well, pretty good, for a Monday."

Why on earth are we wasting our time, our breath, an…

Today's Happy Thing: Crochet

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to post about something that makes me happy: crochet.

I first learned to crochet when I was participating in Civil War Reenactments back in the early-to-mid-1990s. I played a lady in the Maine State Ladies' Society, which was attached to the 20th Maine, Co. E. group of re-enactors. How I got into that is a long story, so I'll leave it out, for now, but I reenacted for a couple of years with this group. I was impressed with the dedication of its members to bringing history to life for the spectators who came to reenactments.

While there, I met a woman named Donna. Donna took me under her wing and taught me a little bit about a lot of things, including crochet. Being "in camp" with tourists coming by and asking questions about life back in the 1860s was very rewarding, but sometimes I wanted something for my hands to do during slow periods, and I wasn't much good at sewing. Donna handed me some yarn and a crochet hook, taught me a g…