Friday, October 26, 2018

Fortune Cookie Friday: Dreams

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Hello and welcome back to Fortune Cookie Friday! 

If you're new here, welcome to you, as well! If you're wondering what Fortune Cookie Friday is, well, you can read more here, but the basic gist is that I crack open a fortune cookie, take a photo of the fortune, and use its message to kick-start an inspirational post. I also love it when readers send in photos of their fortunes, or when they give me their interpretations. So join in the fun and make sure you don't miss out by subscribing

Ok, let's get to this week's fortune!

I grew this tiny plant from a leaf that came off another plant; so proud of myself!
Dreams are like the stars of your destiny.
What are your dreams? 

Don't hesitate: just blurt it out! Speak truth to yourself! It can be something big or small—doesn't matter. Dreams can take any form, and every step we take towards our dreams can open up the universe to us. 

You are capable of doing whatever you put your mind to. We often get caught up in fear or anxiety, or the fear and anxiety of others, though. Why? 

Habit, mostly? That's certainly part of it. We've been conditioned to fear. Look at all of the fear around us all of the time. We often don't even know we're taking all of that in. Fear can cripple even the strongest dreamers out there.

But there is another way: we can reject fear and choose LOVE, starting with loving and believing in ourselves, and then helping others love and believe in themselves, too. The kind of fear that manifests into talking ourselves out of things, or the kind that causes us to speak down to others who are doing their level best to achieve their dream serves NO purpose. We can live with intention and purpose instead of just letting life roll over us and keep us in a fear state.

What fear are you speaking over yourself and others? 

Notice it when it happens, and then STOP resisting. Let go of it! That fear has no hold over you any more. Do what you are made to do in this life and do it with ALL of your heart and soul. Do it with LOVE. Go for those dreams!

I'm throwing a few references down below to help you get there. If you'd like, tell me all about your dreams in the comments, below! :)

Not only are you the star of your own destiny, you might just be a shining light for others, too! After all, together we are all a part of this amazing cosmos of possibility and potential. Chase those dreams and SHINE.🌟🌟🌟

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