Friday, November 23, 2018

Fortune Cookie Friday: Bad Checks

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Happy Friday, and Happy Day After Thanksgiving if you're in the US! Just how stuffed did we all get yesterday? I hope your holiday, if you celebrated, was nice! If you're going shopping today, have fun and stay safe! 

Now on to today's fortune cookie:

Nothing in the known universe travels faster than a bad check.
First of all, I love that I had a black ceramic spoon rest with sparkles in it that I could use as the backdrop for this fortune—looks like a universe a little bit, doesn't it? :)

Anyway—you can take this one literally, but I'd rather take it figuratively:

What bad checks are you writing in your life? 

I don't mean money, but let's use that as the jumping off point for a better understanding of our life practices. 

What is writing a bad check? It's paying for something with money you don't have, right? So let's take that one step further:

Are you spending energy you don't have on things that don't necessarily serve you? Are you burning the candle at both ends and running out of wick? Are you so busy that you don't know which way is up or who you even are, any more? Maybe you're a people pleaser who just can't say "no" to people, even though it's killing you to keep saying "yes," or maybe you're just lost because you're so busy you don't even stop to think about what you want.

To exacerbate these things, the holidays are upon us now, and it can be a really crazy time of year. Even the most zen person out there can feel the stress.

Remember to take time for yourself. There is no such thing as overdraft protection on our energy and well-being, so let those energetic reserves build up again. Additionally, if certain things no longer serve you in your life, it's okay to let them go. Whether it's bad habits, toxic people, or one too many hobbies, you have the power to make choices to spend your time, energy, and love on people, practices and things that you truly want to engage with.

It is possible to stop writing bad checks that deplete your well-being. Things don't change overnight, but with mindful practice in choosing who and what we spend our energy on, we can stop writing those bad checks and start balancing our account again. 

Anyway, just something to think about. As always, I want to know what YOU think about this fortune! Leave me a comment below! And if you want to have your fortune cookie featured, send me a clear photo of it through the Facebook page.

Have a great weekend! 💛🐝

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  1. I just got this fortune from a cookie just now (3/3/21) and I turned to Google to ask what it meant and I came across your post. Thanks for your thoughtful blog post about this fortune. I’ve never seen your blog before. Hope you’re well. :)


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