Friday, May 11, 2018

Fortune Cookie Friday: The Roving Bee

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Hello, and happy Friday! I hope you've all had a great week. It is Fortune Cookie Friday, so let's see what today holds:

It's the roving bee 🐝 that gathers honey. 🍯

First of all, I'd like to start with a side note: I love how my house is a virtual scavenger hunt when it comes to fortunes. It's fun for me when I find them. I have these things tucked away in all kinds of tiny little places, and it never ceases to amaze me when I come upon one that seems to speak exactly to what I'm thinking at the time. This one was tucked away in a drawer, with a rusty old paperclip on it. I have no idea what it used to be clipped to, by the way, but I took the clip off to take the photo, and it left those imprints on the paper. I don't even know how long I've had this one, but it has probably traveled with me through several moves over several years. :)

Anyway, here's my take on today's message:

In order to reap the benefits available to us, sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone. Nothing changes by doing the same thing. So if you're looking to get some more honey (abundance) into your life, switch up the routine and do something different.

This can apply to career/work decisions, feeling stuck on personal goals, or wanting to learn a new skill. I'll give you an example:

The only reason I never went into business for myself in the past is because I wasn't willing to learn the secondary skills necessary for that. What does this mean? It means that I can be the best proofreader or writer or what-have-you out there, but if I'm not willing to actually learn how to market myself, learn social media, learn how to make a website, learn accounting, etc., then the likelihood of success I would have as a proofreader or writer or what-have-you is minimal.

And I won't lie: the reason why I wasn't willing to learn them is because I was a little bit afraid of business parts of the thing. For instance: I'm an introvert, but I have to go out there and network. And I'm not fond of math and expenses and keeping track of all that stuff. For that reason, something I felt drawn to doing years ago never happened until this year because FINALLY, I was willing to get out of my comfort zone and just do the thing, whatever it took. The funny thing is, I'm finding out that I'm actually pretty good at all of that secondary business-y stuff, so now that I'm actually doing it, it's just not that big a deal!

What if you're holding yourself back from doing something you've always wanted to do, because you're afraid to push your limits or get out of your comfort zone and learn something new to do it? Where's the fun in that? You may surprise yourself if you try!

Drop me a line and let me know: what is something you want to do, and what is holding you back from doing it? What comfort zone do YOU need to get out of?

GO GET THAT HONEY, my fellow bee-peeps! 💛🐝

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  1. I really liked the way you write ;) good job!

  2. Friday. We order take out. And today Sunday. I made my bed as usual and I went took a shower and came back sat down on my bed. And I happen to look down and saw a paper crumbled up next to my knee so I picked it up and opened it. It was the fortune cookie. This exact one I got on Friday. Blew me away....


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