Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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Today is Easter Sunday, and if you celebrate, then Happy Easter! If you don't, then Happy Spring! 🌷🌸
Photo by Sweet Amaryllis on Unsplash

Maybe it's just that the weather is getting warmer, but this time of year tends to symbolize renewal and hope for me. I went for a walk outside yesterday and relished the feel of sunshine on my face, smiled at some families flying kites in the park, and watched some folks play soccer. Before that, I took a moment over my morning coffee to watch the birds doing cute little bird things. They seemed happy to be out and about in my yard, chirping away!

So at least Spring is finally getting around to showing up (ok, ok, I know some of us are supposed to get snow), but really, winter is just about over and it's time for outdoor things!

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Drop me a line and let me know what you plan to do either for the holiday or just in general with the return of warmer weather. And have a wonderful day!  🐝

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