Fortune Cookie Friday: Define Your Own Life

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Hi everyone, and welcome back to Fortune Cookie Friday on positively b.e.e.! Some readers have sent in a few fortunes, so you'll be seeing those in coming weeks.

Here's a good one that just came in:

Accept no other definition of your life, accept only your own.
This one is so empowering, and I wholeheartedly agree! Live life on your own terms, not on someone else's.

Leave a comment and tell me: how do you define your life, or, if you want to redefine your life, what do you think you would do first?

For me, I've finally learned that just being myself is enough, and I'm happy with that. I have less focus on being what others want me to be, and more focus on being who I want to be, instead. This is part of what made it easier for me to decide to leave a traditional job setting and go about things a bit differently.

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Have a great—and empowered—weekend!


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