Saturday, December 2, 2017

Today's Happy Thing: Crochet

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to post about something that makes me happy: crochet.

I first learned to crochet when I was participating in Civil War Reenactments back in the early-to-mid-1990s. I played a lady in the Maine State Ladies' Society, which was attached to the 20th Maine, Co. E. group of re-enactors. How I got into that is a long story, so I'll leave it out, for now, but I reenacted for a couple of years with this group. I was impressed with the dedication of its members to bringing history to life for the spectators who came to reenactments.

While there, I met a woman named Donna. Donna took me under her wing and taught me a little bit about a lot of things, including crochet. Being "in camp" with tourists coming by and asking questions about life back in the 1860s was very rewarding, but sometimes I wanted something for my hands to do during slow periods, and I wasn't much good at sewing. Donna handed me some yarn and a crochet hook, taught me a granny square, and I was hooked! (Pun unintended, but now that I see it, I'm going to let it stand!) Under her tutelage, I made my very first granny square afghan.

To this day, I still remember how to do a granny square the way she taught me. Since then, I've taken the time to learn some other crochet stitches, and have a desire to do some tutorials on them at some point, perhaps here (with photos) or on YouTube. I wonder: how many of you would like to learn those?

Donna is sadly no longer with us, so this is partially a tribute to her, a person who made a positive difference in my life by teaching me something that makes me happy. I'd like to think she's looking down and smiling when I complete another crochet project successfully. All of this is due to the foundations she taught me over 20 years ago. Thank you, Donna!

Here is a baby blanket I recently finished for a friend.

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Worsted

Comment below and let me know: what is making you happy today (or this week)? And have you ever wanted to learn something like crochet?

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