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Making A Difference Radio

For those of you who don't know, I am one of the co-hosts for a weekly streaming radio show called Making A Difference Radio ("MADR"). It is a round-table discussion with the cast, and features a different topic each week. During our episodes, we open phone lines to guests to call in and talk with us if they'd like, as well.

The goal of the show is to shine light on some of life's challenges and discuss how we deal with them, to redirect our energies into better paths, and to find our true selves again. It was started by my friend Eddie Simmers, and he put together the team as it is today, with Chris Labant, Michael Terio, Lana Jarvie, and finally, yours truly.

Over the past few months we have discussed some pretty interesting topics, including how to deal with family relationships, how to set healthy boundaries, and a whole host of other things. Despite the potential heaviness of some of the subjects, though, we have a heck of a lot of fun together!

Tonight, we will be discussing what it means to feel overwhelmed, and each of us will talk about how we deal with that emotion. Tune in at 8pm Eastern time tonight by clicking on this link.

I hope you can join us!  And don't worry: if you can't catch us live, you can click on the same link above to listen to the archive at any time after broadcast. Also, please consider heading over to MADR's Facebook page and giving us a "like" so you'll always be updated on new episodes.

See you there!

PS - my husband just knocked together a makeshift studio for me in our storage/workroom. Eventually, we'll scale it, but I am grateful for his help in getting this far with the setup. He decided to capture the moment here to share with you all.


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This post may contain affiliate links, by which I may be financially compensated. See Disclosures & Policies on my About page.

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This post may contain affiliate links, by which I may be financially compensated. See Disclosures.

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This post may contain affiliate links, by which I may be financially compensated. See Disclaimers & Policies on my About page.

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