1 Piece of Inspiration For Your Week

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Today I'm going to share one piece of inspiration for your week. Take this message home with you and let it be a guide if you wish!

I have a calendar that hangs above my shelves in the bedroom. Each month features a phrase or saying against a bright graphic of some kind. It’s very basic, but still impactful.

The first two months were nice, but they didn’t really catch my eye. This month’s saying, though, is one of those that I can’t stop looking at and smiling.

I tried to take a picture of it, but just can’t get the lighting right, so instead, I’ve created something similar to it:

It's something so simple, and yet I think when we're feeling weary, we sometimes forget to do what it says. So, my beautiful, bright friends, this is just a reminder to:


Let people see it—all your beauty, light, fun, and happiness. Don’t let a bad day or a bad week squelch that within you. Don’t let people who are negative cause you not to shine!

How about we light this world up? Do something nice for someone, be a good leader to your team, help someone learn a new skill, color with the kids, spend time with friends, create new memories, laugh, love, joke around, play music, play some games... Go do anything that makes your soul happy and lets you share that with the world. Whatever you do, have fun. Be lighthearted and joyful.

With that, I wish you all an amazing week, and I'll see you next Friday! Mwah! πŸ’›πŸ

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