Friday, March 1, 2019

When Scammers Struck, Someone Saved the Day

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I’ve been getting positive feedback from readers that they really like posts about acts of kindness  because it gives them hope for a better world. With that in mind, please enjoy today’s story coming from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Photo by Louis Smit on Unsplash

Most people have heard of Dave Chappelle, the famous stand-up comedian. He has been touring again after a hiatus, and tickets are at a premium.

Unfortunately, scammers are getting better and better at victimizing people seeking tickets for big acts such as Chappelle’s. When one couple was scammed out of $500 for tickets to his show in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chappelle stepped in.

Deidra and Eddie Dickens wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day by seeing one of their favorite comedians. Since Eddie sometimes uses a wheelchair, Deidra wanted to ensure tickets they purchased would be at the end of a row to allow for that. She found tickets on Craigslist and paid $500 for them, but it turns out the seller wasn’t legitimate, and she never received them.

What happened next is amazing:

(If you prefer not to watch a video, there are links to other sources at the end of this post.) 

What a stand-up guy Dave Chappelle is, isn’t he? He didn't have to do that for them, but he did, and by doing so publicly, he brought awareness to the issue so other people would hopefully not get hurt.

What do you think of this story? Let me know in the comments, below! I hope it’s given you a smile, and that your week ahead is fabulous. See you next week!


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