Make it a Beautiful Day

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We haven't had a song for a few weeks, have we? 

I love using music as a way to combat negativity, so please enjoy Beautiful Day by U2

According to Wikipedia, Bono has said that this song is about "a man who has lost everything, but finds joy in what he still has." I guess I heard the lyrics similarly, but this was my take: that life is beautiful regardless of material things. I guess that's basically the same thing, just coming from another angle.

This song has so much going on within it, musically, that I love to sit back and close my eyes while listening. My brain can almost visualize the sound waves as the harmonies and guitars wash over me. 

How does this song, or music in general, affect you? Whatever your take on it, I hope today's music choice brings some happiness to your week! 💛🐝

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