Friday, July 27, 2018

Fortune Cookie Friday: Always a Valley

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Howdy, all! We're going to use a little creative visualization this week. 😁🚴🌄

So there you were, cruising on your bike, feeling the breeze against your face and coursing through your hair. You're enjoying a ride in a beautiful valley, taking in the scenery as you casually pedal through the countryside. 

And then:

Always a valley before a hill.

...there was that hill in front of you. 

So what do you do? 

You shift gears, pedal harder, and you get up that hill, right? You know there'll be another valley on the other side of that hill. 

See the valleys as a gift: they give us an opportunity to rest, regroup, enjoy our surroundings, and be ready for the hills ahead of us. Life will always have its ups and downs, but what we make of them is up to us. We can appreciate the easy ride in the valleys and push through to conquer the hills when they happen. Being able to shift gears is a useful skill, too; it allows us to aim our resources where we need to when presented with challenges, giving us a more effective path to success.

What does this week's fortune mean to you? It can be read a few different ways, but the above is what shouted the loudest to me. I'd love to hear what shouted out to you, so please drop me a comment below!

Have a great weekend! 💛🐝

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I've linked to a book that may help, below.

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  1. I take it as I started a new job and it’s been very difficult to adopt to the new change from my last but things are getting a bit better


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