Friday, May 4, 2018

Fortune Cookie Friday: 50th Post Anniversary Edition!

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Today positively b.e.e. has reached another milestone: this is my 50th post since starting the site last August. WOOHOO! 

In honor of that, here is today's fortune:

🌷Greet your friends with open arms and happiness will come to you. 🌷
I can't agree more! This one is pretty straightforward. I consider myself rich when I think of all the wonderful friendships I have made over the years. There are so many happy memories that I cherish with friends old and new.

If you haven't in a while, consider reaching out to an old friend to reconnect, or make some social plans for the weekend.

Also: I hope that this blog brings YOU happiness. It makes me very happy to write it.

And thank you, friends, for making positively b.e.e. a success thus far. By continuing to share these posts, commenting, and interacting on social media, you not only spread positivity, light, joy and gratitude to others, you add to my happiness, too!

Let's continue to grow the message that there is value in greeting life—and friends—with open arms! 🌻

Tell me: what is making you happy today? Drop me a line on social media or leave a comment, below. I can't wait to read your responses!

Until next time,
b.e.e. 🐝

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  1. I can congratulate you with the 50th post anniversary and nice job! You have been doing the right thing! And keep it this way!

  2. I really believe in good luck when you have good people around you. Congrats on 50th post!


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