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Gathering 2018: Get Your Tickets Before They're Gone!

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πŸ””Hear ye! Hear ye!πŸ””

Tickets to the Gathering 2018 are limited and are starting to sell! Get yours today before they are sold out! 🌸

Gathering 2018 is a small-scale festival where you can kick back, relax, listen, laugh, and learn, and by the time you leave, you will have made new friends for life. There will be speakers, vendors, singing and spooky tales around the campfire, horse and buggy rides through historic Roan Mountain, a creek walk in the park, workshops, and so much more.

Details can be found here, and make sure you check out the Event page. Our host, Cat Young of the Mountain Gypsies, will be posting the speaker and workshop schedule there.

(Click here to see what I posted about this event, previously.)

June 29-July 1, 2018 (Friday to Sunday).

Breathtaking Roan Mountain, TN, at a cottage nestled at the bottom of the mountains. Yes, the host actually does this shindig in her back yard! You will be surrounded by beauty and magic in this historic State Park area of eastern Tennessee.

$30 for the entire 3-day event buys you entrance to the event, which includes the speakers/workshops and a dinner party at an upscale restaurant in Banner Elk, NC, on Saturday night.* You can't beat this price with a stick!

*Note: the horse & buggy rides are provided by another vendor for an additional fee, and any other food, accommodations, and incidentals are at your own cost.

There are cabins in the Roan Mountain State Park that are clean and come with all of the linens, dishes, etc., that you would need. I stayed in these last year and they were cleaner than some hotel rooms I've stayed in, plus the staff and rangers were all very friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed our stay there last year and I thought the pricing was reasonable because you can fit several people into one cabin.

If you prefer, you also have the option to camp "rustic" style at the site of the event itself. Our host will offer a Porta Potty, water, electricity, and a spot to put your tent for the cost of $40 for the 3-day weekend.

Otherwise there are some B&Bs, AirBnBs, and hotels in the area within a 25-30 minute drive of the event.

So get your tickets now! Yes, you! :)

If you want to learn more about the Mountain Gypsies and what they do, check out this nifty video they made. A link to their Facebook page is listed there as well.

Alrighty—getting your tickets now? Great! :) Don't forget to mark yourself as "Going" on the Event page! And next time I post about this, I will be previewing some of items I'll be offering at positively b.e.e.'s table at this event, some of which are limited edition—made only for this event. Be there or be square!

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