Friday, May 31, 2019

Fortune Cookie Friday: Good News for Bees

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Hello, all!

Today I’d love to share a fortune cookie with you, and apply its message to a scenario I recently read about.

Great things are made of little things.  

You may have figured out that bees are near and dear to my heart. After all, this blog is called positively b.e.e. because of my childhood nickname of Bee and my desire to make a small difference in the world.

But bees–the fuzzy kind with stingers—are really important for more than just my own sentimental reasons.

They are pollinators—the reason we have crops to eat and beautiful flowers to see and smell.

They are an example of little things that help to make great things!

There have been reports of anything from Colony Collapse Disorder to pesticides to habitat loss to the planting of non-native plant species to climate change or any number of other reasons why bees and their colonies suffer, disappear, or die.

But with bees being important to our ecosystem, crops, and economy—other than becoming beekeepers, how can we help them?

Well, one guy named Dan Harris just figured one tiny piece of that puzzle out!

Dan is the inventor of a nifty device that you can use if you come across a starving bee on the sidewalk or patio. He figured out that bees’ fast metabolisms sometimes cause them to get caught short and have to rest, but without some kind of snack for them to nosh on, well...that’s basically a death sentence for a starving bee.

Each of these devices—no bigger than a credit card—holds three servings of a beekeeper’s formula to feed a starving bee. Simply peel back the foil and place the card down on the sidewalk next to the bee, and what do you know? They’ll climb on up onto the card and start chowing down, allowing them to continue their journey to the next flower or crop or back to their hive!

Dan has started crowdfunding the project and partnered with Richard Horne, who helped design and illustrate the cards. You can visit Bee Saviour Behaviour for more information, as well!

So, to go back to our fortune: Dan's invention is also a little thing leading to a great thing, don't you think?

I highlighted this story not only because it’s good news for bees, but also to get your creative wheels turning:

What small steps can you take today, this week, this month, or this year to solve a problem you’ve seen in  your community, your neighborhood, or your life? Or to meet a goal you have? Or to help someone out who is in need?

Share your story with me—I’d love to hear about all those wonderful little things that are leading to great things! 


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