Friday, June 8, 2018

Fortune Cookie Friday: Have a Vision—Be Demanding

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Time for another fortune already? Alrighty, then! Let's get down to it. I love this one! 

Have a vision. Be demanding.

This is a GREAT follow-up to last week's fortune isn't it? In that one, we discussed having a plan for success and putting that plan into motion.

Part of the success formula is having a vision in the first place. But how do you create that vision? What if you're feeling stuck or uncreative?

Inspiration sometimes hits us when we least expect it. Or we get a glimmer of an idea and then need a little push to get the ball rolling. I often use a notebook and start doodling. Sort of my own version of a storyboard. Or I use a vision board to inspire myself—a board where I put images, notes to myself, etc., to start to put a plan into action.

But that second part is ALSO important, and this is the part that I adore: "Be demanding."

What does this mean to you? 
Who do you think you should be demanding of? 
Yourself? Or others?

For me, it's about being demanding of ourselves. Of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Of knowing, without a doubt, that we can succeed at whatever we put our minds to, but sometimes we are going to have to push ourselves beyond what we think our limits are in order to get there.

Easier said than done? Nah. That's just a story we tell ourselves when the work gets hard.

Challenge yourself today: what do you want to accomplish? What is YOUR vision, and how will you get there?


Oh, and one more thing, regarding the others in the equation:

Sometimes, we're demanding of others where we don't really challenge ourselves. Nobody's going to fix whatever a problem is or create your dream goal for you. You HAVE to do the work yourself. That doesn't mean people can't help you, and that you can't establish some kind of standards, but hold yourself to those standards. It may not always be easy, but imagine how proud of yourself you'll be once you accomplish the goal.

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