Friday, June 22, 2018

Fortune Cookie Friday: A Clean Conscience

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Hi everyone! A little housekeeping before we get to this week's fortune: there will not be a Fortune Cookie Friday next week due to my travel plans. Instead, I hope to be able to make an update or two from the Mountain Gypsies' Gathering 2018, either on my Facebook page or here. I hope you'll tune in for some updates instead of a fortune next weekend. :)

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's look at our fortune for this week:

A clean conscience is a good pillow.
I love that I got this one this week, because the other day I was fretting about something that was making me mad, and it was getting pretty late at night. I didn't want to go bed angry, so I just... LET IT GO!

I slept great, too!

You see, while I believe having angry feelings may be normal, it does not need to take up my brain space or my soul space beyond the initial moments in which I have that feeling, so I just stopped. Once I empowered myself by setting some emotional boundaries and decided that I get to choose my reactions, I was able to clear my mind and rest.

I chose to rest.

So while the word in this fortune is "conscience," I'd take that one step further and replace it with the word "mind." If you have something on your conscience or mind, don't let it fester.

Before you go to bed each night, consider some of the following:
  • Saying I love you.
  • Saying I'm sorry.
  • Being grateful.
  • Not going to bed angry.
  • Asking for forgiveness.
  • Forgiving YOURSELF.
  • Smiling.
When we engage in simple steps like these, we raise our positivity and gratitude quotients, leaving less room for the ugly stuff. We can truly let our souls and our minds rest and rejuvenate while we sleep.

What are some of your tips for a clean conscience or rested mind?

Drop me a line and let me know! I'd love for you to share them. Have a great weekend, everybody! Get some rest! 💛🐝✨

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