Start the Week with Sunshine

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I know those of us in the States are hurting a little bit with the loss of an hour. Good ole' "spring forward" made us turn our clocks forward an hour as Daylight Saving Time came back yesterday. This stinks in terms of sleep lost, but hey, it also means Spring is around the corner!

This calls for a Monday pick-me-up! Hope this song by Katrina and the Waves helps you kickstart this week—dance along with me!

If you like this song, you can buy it here.

Happy Monday, all!   🐝

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  1. Oh I love this song! It's so upbeat and happy ... definitely a great track to start the week off!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lana! I agree wholeheartedly. How can you not bop along with it when you hear it? :)


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