Monday, February 26, 2018

Your Monday Inspiration: Mr. Blue Sky

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It's been raining like the dickens in Pittsburgh! Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever see blue skies again. Someday the outside will look more like the one to the right...right?

Taken on a much nicer day.
I don't know what it's been doing wherever you live, but I learned something about my adopted city this year. I learned that some years, Pittsburgh has fewer days of sunshine than Seattle, a city known for its rain!

According to one of my local newspapers, there has been precipitation of some kind on 19 of the first 23 days of the month of February. And according to my local weatherman, we are more than 4 inches above average for precipitation for this month, as well!

At any rate, rain tends to make us a bit down and depressed and dreary, doesn't it? Plus, it's Monday, which I know can be rough on some people. So without further adieu, here's a song that always makes me happy!

According to the Wikipedia article about this song, Jeff Lynne was inspired after being holed up in a Swiss chalet with nothing but miserable weather—and then the sun came out and he wrote an entire 14-song album in 2 weeks!

I'm so glad he wrote it—I can't help dancing in my chair right now!

Hope you enjoyed this little Monday pick-me-up! Have a great week!


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