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Staying Chipper While Chipping Ice Off Of The Windshield

So I don't know about you guys, but it's COLD here in Pittsburgh. We are lucky to get into double digits. The East Coast is currently being slammed by something called a "bomb cyclone" (WHAT??? is that????) The South is experiencing icy temps. And people are generally just trying to survive it all. I've heard so many tales of dead batteries, car doors not closing, and pipes freezing that it's kind of unreal.

But you know what? We might be entering the time of year that bitter temps are prevalent in certain areas, but I noticed something else: it's after 5 o'clock and still light out. :) And when I drive to work in the morning, it's not totally "o'dark thirty" -- there's actually some light for part of my commute! This is exciting! I'm gonna hold onto this for now!

So take hope, guys! We'll get through it! In the meantime, I'm bundling up and repeating my "words have power" mantra to myself and telling myself I'm totally warm right now!

I took a "current situation" photo today to cheer someone up, so why not, I'll share it with you, too. Here's my "But I don't WANNA get out of the warm truck to go outside!" look. 😄

Wherever you are, stay safe and warm and remember this will pass, ok? ❤️🐝 Comment below to let me know how you are coping!

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  1. I was excited that it was warm enough and light enough after work to go scoop up the dog poop corner. [Private yard, I don't go out in negative 20 at 420 am] It's the little things.

  2. We were in the single digits here not so very long ago too. Thankfully it has warmed up a bit in the last few days. It's a welcome break to see the sun.

    You are right that words have power! It all starts with the right mindset. Think it, say it, believe it, do it!

    1. Glad you were able to get a break in the weather. Hopefully it'll last for ya! Thanks for commenting!

  3. We are lucky its summer here at the moment and this week the temp has been about 38 -39 celsius (I guess 100 fahrenheit) It's amazing how extreme temperatures either way can affect our moods.

    1. You are so right about the extremes! If I could live perpetually in spring/autumn I'd be in heaven. :)

  4. oh ! i am so glad that you could able to break it off and you must be feeling very harder though at that temperature. Here we dont experience that much but your post on this must be an awareness to me

    1. I'm sure you have your own weather extremes to deal with where you live, too. :) At least we can each bring our own cheer to whatever we are dealing with. Thanks for reading!


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