Monday, September 18, 2017


Do you guys know how hard it is to get a selfie with a rainbow? With a double-rainbow, even?

Let me just say: It’s HARD, but I tried my best!

Fred and I were treated to the most beautiful display of science and nature the other evening. We were decompressing on our couch, getting ready to watch some TV, when suddenly he leapt up and said, “Oh! It’s raining! And the sun’s still out! Let’s go find a rainbow!”

(Have I ever mentioned that I love how my husband finds joy in the simplest of things?)

We ran outside and saw the most gorgeous, huge rainbow that seemed like it was right above our street, and then a second one appeared as well. We quickly grabbed our cameras and tried to capture these beauties. No photo can do them full justice, however.

Neighbors passing by getting some exercise, or walking their dogs, or coming home from work--all of them asked what we were doing. We simply pointed up. I wanted to shout, “HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE THIS?” Were we the only ones seeing the beauty right in front of us?

Sometimes I like to turn off the TV, put down the phone, look up, notice the world around me, and smell the proverbial flowers. Like my husband, I take joy in simple things. Something as simple as watching a bee in a flower, or a bird in a tree, or a rainbow in the sky, will make me smile and forget any stresses for awhile.

Below are some of the better shots from that day, including some silly rainbow selfies. I wish I could truly show you the colors we were treated to. They seemed so much more vibrant in real life--and closer--than they do in the photos. Which reminds me to say: while we took some pics together and had fun with it, after a few minutes, we put our phones down and just sat and marveled at it all. It's nice to capture the moment, but it's also nice to enjoy the moment together without distraction.

Have you taken any rainbow shots at any point? Or do you find joy in nature? Feel free to share your thoughts or photos, either here in the comments section or at the Facebook page. Have a great start to your week!

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