Gathering 2018: Introducing The Southern Gypsy, Carolyn LeCrone

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Starting this week and leading up to the upcoming Mountain Gypsies' Gathering 2018 event (June 29-July 1), I will be featuring some of the speakers or vendors that will be there, so you can get to know them a bit.

First up, it is my pleasure to introduce to you The Southern Gypsy, Carolyn LeCrone!

used by permission from C. LeCrone

Carolyn is a Reiki master/teacher and Mountain Magic healing practitioner trained by the Mountain Gypsies, Cat Young and Tess Hughes. She offers Reiki treatments, chakra balancing, and stone & essential oil therapies. She also creates beautiful oils, jewelry, and clothing, and I adore her creativity in repurposing items to make these things. I love visiting Carolyn's booth when I go to events she is vending, but more than that, I just love talking to her!

When I talked to Carolyn about what she wanted people to know about her, she said she is not to be confused with another group that go by a similar name. She is "a sister of The Mountain Gypsies," a "Mountain Magic Sage," and aims to "put light where darkness resides" and "be proactive instead of waiting for evil to make its next move."

You can see Carolyn at this year's Gathering by getting your tickets here. Stop by and say "hi," visit her page on Facebook, and get to know an awesome lady!

used by permission from C. LeCrone

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Hope to see you there! 🐝

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